• Become a Printbest affiliate partner and earn 10% from orders made by your referred store owners.

How it works?

Sign up, refer, and earn. It’s easy to become a Printbest affiliate partner, and the opportunities to earn commission are endless.

  • Sign up for free to become a Printbest affiliate partner.
  • Use your unique referral link to promote Printbest print on demand.
  • Anyone who clicks your link is tracked via cookies for 30 days. If they sign up within that time, they become your referred customer.
  • When your referred customer gets a sale in their store, we receive that order to fulfill.
  • You earn 10% of that fulfillment fee as commission.
  • Keep earning for 12 months after each referred customer's first order.

No fees, no caps

Being a Printbest affiliate partner is completely free, and there is no earning cap to limit your commissions revenue.

12 months of commissions

From the time your referred customer has their first order for us to fulfill, you can earn commissions from their orders for 12 months.

10% on every order

You get 10% of the orders we receive from your referred customers. The more referred customers you have, the more opportunities you have to earn.

30 days for referral signup

Anyone who clicks on your link becomes your referred customer if they sign up within 30 days. We track them via cookies to make sure you get the credit.

Everyone Wins

When your referred customer gets a sale, we get the order to fulfill, and you get 10% as commission. It’s a win-win situation for everyone: you, us, and everyone you refer.

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